Eduard Wiiralt (1898-1954) is one of the most renowned artists in Estonian history, known for his exceptional contributions to the world of art. His work encompassed various mediums, including graphic compositions created through the use of the etching technique. Wiiralt’s attention to detail and skillful manipulation of contrasts allowed him to explore the complexities of humanity in his artwork. 

Drawing inspiration from Wiiralt’s compositional patterns and expressive graphic configurations, the Burled Walnut special finish for pianos shares similarities. The finish features inky outlines that beautifully accentuate the natural wooden lines, transforming them into captivating and visually striking configurations. The result is an inside of the piano that becomes a stunning work of art in itself, reminiscent of Wiiralt’s artistic mastery. 

By integrating the Burled Walnut special finish into the piano’s design, the instrument becomes a testament to the fusion of music and visual art, paying homage to Eduard Wiiralt’s artistic legacy and creating a truly remarkable aesthetic experience.