ESTONIA grand pianos are made according to the highest quality standards. Each piano is handcrafted from the highest quality materials and components sourced within Europe. New ESTONIA pianos purchased from authorized ESTONIA retailers come with a Factory warranty. This warranty is available only to the first purchaser of the instrument. To maintain a valid warranty, the piano must be cared for adequately according to our maintenance recommendations, including yearly servicing by a qualified piano professional.

Maintenance recommendations:

Do not expose the piano to sudden or extreme changes of temperature. Piano is best kept in a temperature controlled environment.

Do not expose the piano to direct sunlight, including light coming through windows.

Do not allow the piano to have contact with any liquids, including spilled drinks.

Do not expose the piano to sudden changes of humidity. Recommended humidity range 40 to 50%.

Have the piano regularly serviced and voiced to maintain tonal quality

Wherever possible, use a fitted piano cover when the piano is not in use.

Have the piano tuned 1 to 2 times per year by a qualified piano technician.

Do not place the piano near a heater, air conditioner or exterior door.