Model 225

Behold the captivating splendor of our revered Model 225, an exquisite instrument crafted to inspire pianists, teachers, and musicians alike. Designed to grace the grand stages of professional concert venues, recording studios, and transformative performances, it stands as a testament to the pursuit of artistic perfection. 

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of harmonious wonder, where every stroke of the keys releases an enchanting symphony. The Model 225 possesses a mesmerizing singing tone that resonates with unparalleled clarity, carrying the essence of your musical expression to the farthest reaches of the soul. 

Its impeccable balance and unwavering sensitivity transcend the boundaries of genre, allowing you to weave your artistic tapestry across diverse musical styles. From the delicate nuances of a tender nocturne to the thunderous cascades of a virtuosic concerto, the Model 225 rises to the occasion, breathing life into every note with unparalleled grace. 

Embrace the transformative power that awaits at your fingertips as you surrender to the embrace of the Model 225. Let its resplendent voice become an extension of your musical spirit, guiding you through a realm where melodies dance and emotions intertwine. Elevate your performances to new heights, for the Model 225 is the epitome of musical excellence, ready to accompany you on your extraordinary artistic journey. 

  • Length
    7'4 in (225 cm)
  • Width
    5'1 in (156 cm)
  • Height
    3'4 in (101,5 cm)
  • Net Weight
    1 131 lb (513 kg)
  • Rim
    Birch (Betula pendula) - thick wood, multiple layers to support the special Estonia sound
  • Braces
    Spruce, cross-cut approx. 5 x 2 in (12 x 5,5 cm)
  • Pinblock
    Red beech - highest grade, from Germany
  • Soundboard
    Made of the highest quality Swiss or Italian spruce (from the Alps), boards imported from Strunz, Germany. All clear grade, specially selected for the premium level (only 5% qualifies).
  • Soundboard area
    19,59 sq.ft (1,82 sq.m)
  • Ribs
    15 radial grain, made of spruce
  • Treble bridge
    Red beech, topmost: maple
  • Bass bridge
    Red beech, topmost: maple
  • Scale
    Special European scale-design
  • Plate
    Sand cast iron plates from Finland, highest-quality finish
  • Tuning Pins
    Highest grade, Klinke from Germany
  • Strings
    Premium quality steel, imported from Röslau, Germany. Bass strings are hand wound by craftsman at the Estonia Piano Factory. Top material of pure copper from Adolf Edelhoff, Germany.
  • Longest bass wire
    5'6 in (167,3 cm)
  • Hammers
    The highest quality hammers - Abel or Renner, both from Germany
  • Action
    First class actions by Renner, Germany
  • Keys
    Piano keyboard is made by Estonia Piano Factory or Kluge company, Germany. Materials for the keyboards made at the Estonia Piano Factory all come from quality suppliers from Germany (Kluge, Strunz, Klinke, Jahne).
  • Felts
    Premium wool, special order from Germany and England
  • Pedals
    Three pedals: Una corda, Full sostenuto, and Full sustain. Metal parts from Knud Danielsen, Denmark.