Our Team

Our team comprises of elite professionals in both music and engineering, united by a common vision to transcend the boundaries of excellence in crafting extraordinary musical instruments. Our mission is simple yet profound: to create pianos that inspire and elevate the very essence of musical expression. 

With unwavering dedication, we select only the most time-tested and highest quality materials and parts. Our commitment to perfection is matched by the expertise of our experienced craftsmen, who bring their artistry to life through each meticulous detail. We proudly stand by the rich heritage of European pianos, cherishing the cultural significance they embody and the euphonious sound they evoke. 

At the heart of our endeavors lies a deep reverence for the art of piano-making. We recognize that it is through our dedicated workmanship that we achieve the harmonious symphony of craftsmanship and passion. Each piano that bears our name is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the pursuit of sonic perfection. 

Join us on a transformative musical journey, where the transcendent power of sound intertwines with the artistry of our craft. Discover the euphoria that resonates from within our meticulously crafted pianos, and allow your musical spirit to soar to new heights. Experience the embodiment of our collective vision, as we strive to create the most inspiring pianos that ignite the creative spark within every musician. 

Indrek Laul

General Manager

Indrek Laul – CEO of the piano factory, has graduated from The Juilliard School with a doctoral degree in piano. Indrek is also a public figure, chairman, and member of several charitable organizations.

Triin-Maret Laul

Director of sales

Triin-Maret Laul – graduated with a Master of Music degree from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in piano. Indrek and Triin are married; they have two sons, Jakob and Bruno.

Uku Velbri

Director of Production

Uku has graduated as an engineer at the Department of Woodworking Technology of the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).