ESTONIA Grand Pianos are made according to our highest quality standards.

Each piano is handcrafted and with materials of the highest European quality. The piano should receive love and care, attention and honour - the way it is made. Under normal conditions, it shall last for lifetime.

This factory warranty is to the first purchaser of the instrument. The factory warranty is valid only if the new piano was purchased from an authorized piano retailer.

Maintenance recommendations:

  • Do not expose the piano to extreme changes of temperature.
  • The piano should be kept away from air conditioning and heating devices.
  • Do not place the piano near a humidifier.
  • Recommended room humidity is 40-50%.
  • Do not expose the piano to direct sunlight.
  • Keep the top lid closed when the piano is not used.
  • Even if played only modestly, tuning the piano twice a year is recommended.

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