Research & Development

From the end of 1990-s and with the new ownership the factory set the goal of taking these pianos to a whole new musical and quality level. This resulted in gathering engineers and specialists from the Estonia Piano Factory, the Estonian Institute of Cybernetics, the Estonian Academy of Science, and selected technicians. The aim was to bring the piano to very high performance level. The reception has been tremendous, as the Estonia pianos have received their highest praise and quality raitings (please see, page 46 for Staff Picks).

New machinery was purchased, new tests were done. For example, this special machine was developed for testing various hammer impacts.

The cast iron plate was analyzed using a computer model to generate the tension forces exerted on the plate. A long series of calculations and computer-generated experiments gave a model with evenly distributed tension. The resulting plate design improves the stability and balance of the piano.


The model 168 was introduced. This instrument of practical size is known for having the dynamic range of a much larger instrument.


Improvements to the construction and design for Model 274.


Model 190 received advancements in the frame, action geometry and pedal mechanism.


Over 300 advancements and improvements have been made to the piano models of 168, 190 and 274. Assisted by selected group of great technicians and pianists, all piano models have achieved their greatest musical standards.


  • The new finish of the Pyramid Mahogany was introduced (NAMM show in California).
  • The new Karelia and Ebony Polish finish was brought to the market.
  • New design elements on concert grand pianos, new piano packing methods, and many new details.
  • New design elements: Victorian-style legs, pedal lyre and music desk, along with Karelia veneer under the full lid. Such a concert grand piano was exhibited at the NAMM show, CA, and at a special concert with the New Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra in Boston, MA.


  • The new Santos Palisander/Rosewood finish, with artistically matched veneers (NAMM show). The first was shown with Victorian style legs and pedal lyre.
  • Updates to Queen Ann style were made for the Mahogany and Walnut finishes.
  • Our newly completed brochures show customers Bubinga Polish, Rosewood, and Pyramid Mahogany.
  • Matte black finish is updated resulting in darker ebony color and better luster.

2010 - 2011

Introductions of the new piano model Estonia 225. Opening ceremony at the Estonia Piano Factory was attended by Mr. Toomas H. Ilves, President of the Republic of Estonia; Mr. Michael C. Polt, Ambassador of the US in Estonia; and Mr. Juhan Parts, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Estonia.


  • Introduction of the new piano model Estonia 210. Opening ceremony in New York City in September was attended by President Toomas H. Ilves and Mrs. Evelin Ilves, and a solo concert was given by an Estonian pianist Mihkel Poll. The event was attended by many friends of Estonia country and its piano. For a video broadcast, please visit YouTube...
  • Intoduction of the piano at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, performed by great musicians and artists.
  • New brochure with new picture of piano models, incorporating all 5 Estonia piano models: 168, 190, 210, 225 and 274, and newly made photos of the Rosewood (Santos Palisander), Pyramid Mahogany, and White Polish in Queen Ann style.
  • New piano finish of Macassar Polish, artistically matched veneers of the exotic Macassar wood. Please see the photo at...

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